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It is our aim to provide you an amusing and adventurous experience. Welcome to paradise!

During your stay, you can make all necessary arrangements to enjoy various activities, whale watching, dive in the caves and caverns, come across starfish and other sea species. Land and sea excursions will lead you through adventure. You may also practice sports activities such as mountain biking, sandboarding, hiking, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing.

A Day Fishing

An exciting activity surrounded by nature typical of the Patagonian seas in charge of professionals authorized by the provincial government. The ride lasts approximately 5 hours and includes a snack and full equipment on board our boats. The variety of fish includes salmon, grouper, sea bream and dogfish. Fishing is guaranteed and excursions may be either individual or in groups.


Puerto Pirámides is a unique site for the practice of autonomous diving. The crystal-clear waters and the ancient sea bed as well as the natural space turn this spot into an ideal place for resting at The Paradise Inn as you enjoy all the alternatives offered by the surrounding environment.

We can offer the following subaquatic activities:

  • SCUBA diving and snorkeling: this is a unique and memorable experience in contact with wild life. Both SCUBA diving and snorkeling are available options, which enable people without any experience to enjoy this activity simply and safely.
  • First-time diving: The purpose of this experience is to introduce people who have never experienced this activity into diving in a secure, controled and amusing dive.
  • Snorkelling: This experience is prepared to guide people who do not know the subaquatic world.
  • Courses for beginners and advanced divers, subject to the well-known international organization SSI (Scuba Schools International)


Customized events for small and large groups are also available. Contact us for such purpose.

Film-making groups

We have vehicles and ships for land and underwater productions.

Car rental and shuttles.

Services subject to availability.